StyleMonarchy™ is a brand of luxury yet affordable uniforms, specifically designed to satisfy the needs of small, mediums and large organizations in different industries. Our clients are companies that focus on the importance, role and impact corporate wear has on their brand image.  

Our goal and commitment is to bring the “fashion” element to the professional apparel industry so that individuals working in uniforms can still feel and look their best on a daily basis. We are focused on delivering high quality uniforms that add elegance, sophistication, and modernity to the comfort element that uniforms require.

At STYLE MONARCHY, We offer a series of services that range from the designs, creation of prototypes, and production of the final approved uniforms. In corporate wear, identification of the personnel may be a key and indispensable component of the business. In addition to those services, we offer, we also provide a range of services such as personalization of the uniforms with high quality embroidery, as well as the addition of specific trimming details. Those uniform enhancements can also be extremely valuable to our customers to differentiate themselves from their competition.