STYLEMONARCHY Spa Uniforms - The importance of Brand Image for Spas

Posted on 28 May 2017

Brand image - the perception customers have about a brand - is a key element of success for any business. For Spas, the decor, ambience, color scheme of the spa are important factors to build a good brand image. As important are the uniforms the spa employees are wearing, which help communicate the brand identity of the company, reinforce its brand image and demonstrate professionalism.


At  StyleMonarchy, we understand the importance of customers' mindset. The way the employees will be dressed gives the first impression on the services the customer is going to get. It is crucial for the spa reputation to have polished spa attire. Customers do not like to pay for a service and see the person who is going to work on their "beauty" look anything else but beautiful, taken care of, polished and classy herself. Uniforms instill reassurance and confidence in customers, leaving a positive lasting impression that can turn into repetitive business. Spa owners should not assume that the quality of service is the only thing customers will notice. It is simply not true. Customers will look into the decor, the cleanliness of the facility, the products, as much as the employees look.

 Since its start, StyleMonarchy's commitment has been to bring the “fashion” element to the professional apparel industry so that individuals working in uniforms can still feel and look their best on a daily basis. Our goal is to modernize the image of uniforms, adding quality, elegance, personality, and sophistication to the indispensable comfort required by uniforms.


We are dedicated to delivering high-quality, professional, fashionable spa uniforms and medical uniforms to help the organizations in the industries serve thrive and contribute to their success.


STYLEMONARCHY Spa Uniforms - The Importance of Image for Spas

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