Professional Shoes

'A woman with good shoes is never ugly' Coco Chanel

And like Coco Chanel, we, at STYLEMONARCHY®, focus on providing our customers with good shoes! STYLEMONARCHY® collection of ultra-comfortable shoes is specifically designed to instill confidence, while conveying an elegant, designer and professional image.

All our flats feature an ultra-soft, cushioned leather insole to enhance comfort and avoid excess foot sweating. They are highly elegant and classy with a hint of originality. Our occupational shoes are specifically designed for those who spend a lot of time standing up or walking and need extra comfort. They combine technical and therapeutic features such as: impact absorption, leg muscular relaxation, temperature & moisture control, anatomic insole & reduction of static energy. The material provides odor control, inhibits bacterial &  fungal growth & is non-toxic. 

STYLEMONARCHY® collection of shoes are perfect for professionals in spas, hospitals, clinics, wellness centers, beauty salons, cosmetic centers, pharmacies, dental, medical & laboratories environments as well as hotel kitchens and cleaning personnel.


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