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Initially created in PARIS, France, in the heart of the fashion industry, StyleMonarchy, LLC is a company specialized in designing and creating uniforms to serve and satisfy the needs of the spa, esthetic, wellness, beauty, hospitality, cosmetic & aesthetics, dental and any other medical-related industries.


Since its start, StyleMonarchy's commitment has been to bring the “fashion” element to the professional apparel industry (such as spa uniforms, hotel uniforms and medical uniforms) so that individuals working in uniforms can still feel and look their best on a daily basis. Our goal is to modernize the image of uniforms, adding quality, elegance, personality, and sophistication to the indispensable comfort required by uniforms.


Because today, brand image - the perception customers have about a brand - is a key element of success, and uniforms help communicate the brand identity of a company, reinforce its brand image and demonstrate professionalism; we are dedicated to delivering high-quality, fashionable and comfortable uniforms to help the organizations in the industries we serve thrive.


Ultimately, uniforms instill reassurance and confidence in customers leaving a positive lasting impression that can turn into repetitive business, and we want to help our customers achieve just that.


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The StyleMonarchy® brand, is a registered brand in the European Union.

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