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Because Image Matters, and your look is the first thing your customers notice, professionals in the spa, beauty, wellness and medical industries need to invest in quality uniforms if they want to convey an image of providing exceptional and quality services. 


StyleMonarchy® Uniforms: Quality Technical Performance Fabrics

STYLEMONARCHY Fabrics Characteristics

At StyleMonarchy, we know that in order to create high-quality products, we need to have high-quality materials. This is why we only use the most technical and performance fabrics that will perfectly suit the needs of the professionals in the spa, wellness and medical industries. Once selected, our internal development department test them for weeks to ensure they will deliver the exceptional performances that you need in your daily routine!.


Why StyleMonarchy® Uses Quality Technical Fabrics?

As opposed to daily garments that you change more frequently, uniforms are worn daily in work conditions that cause intense and rapid wear and tear. Professionals working in the esthetics, wellness and medical industries need to wash extremely frequently their uniforms, often at high temperatures, many times using bleach and regular fabrics used in daily garments are simply not meant to resist these requirements.

Unfortunately, too many uniforms are created with fabrics that are not developed for uniform use. Without using high-quality technical fabrics, uniforms deteriorate fast, fade out quickly and look dull within a few washes. Thanks to our fabrics, StyleMonarchy® uniforms will provide you with exceptional results in terms of durability, friction resistance, comfort, maintain of colors and shape. They will also allow the evacuation of moisture and heat produced by the body to avoid excess sweat during your day.


In order to sell beauty, you need to first feel beautiful!.

To treat yourself with a StyleMonarchy® uniform is investing in a "new generation uniform" that not only will be Feminine and Elegant but will also last much longer than other uniforms.

StyleMonarchy® uniforms particularly focus on combining the highest quality fabrics, specifically developed for uniforms use, with comfortable and stylish designs, so that our customers daily requirements can be met.


What is the Feel of these fabrics on the Skin?

Some may think that because these fabrics are more resistant to normal wear, they are rougher on the skin. On the contrary. These fabrics have been specifically created to be used daily in work conditions and they are softer, much more pleasant to the touch and are created to protect the skin and help it breathe better. This way, the sweat is evacuated progressively limiting potential sweat stains on your uniform and improving comfort.

Some of our fabrics are also eco-friendly, made of TENCEL, a super soft fabric that wicks away moisture and eliminates odors. 

Designed In PARIS

At StyleMonarchy, we were the first to create a collection of uniforms that is Feminine, Elegant and Timeless. Why a uniform couldn't be comfortable yet sophisticated and stylish?

Located in the heart of PARIS, our design studio focuses on creating modern, fashionable and elegant lines to offer an unmatched combination of style, quality, comfort, and sophistication to professionals in the Spa, Esthetic, Wellness, Beauty, Cosmetic & Aesthetics, Dental and other Medical industries. Because feeling good in your skin and your uniform helps you work better, our stylists incorporate in our models all the international fashion trends without leaving comfort and freedom of movement behind.


StyleMonarchy® DNA: Exclusive Patterns

At StyleMonarchy, we work WITH and FOR professionals. Offering exceptional freedom of movement and comfort in our uniforms is part of our DNA and an absolute priority. That's why when we develop a new uniform, our specialists create patterns that are exclusively developed with the professionals we serve in mind. No details are left to chance. The seams, the darts, the fabrics, the buttons everything is thought through to provide you a feel of absolute comfort in any movement of your day.


At StyleMonarchy, we are passionate about fashion and devoted to provide the industries we serve with stylish designs while keeping and maintaining a high level of quality and comfortable fabrics for our uniforms.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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