STYLEMONARCHY Uniforms to launch Professional, Quality, Comfortable shoes

Posted on 03 November 2017

STYLEMONARCHY to launch Professional, Quality, Comfortable shoes



STYLEMONARCHY® is proud to soon offer its customers a limited edition of professional shoes that will beautifully complement their STYLEMONARCHY® spa and medical Uniforms. Depending on the needs of each customer, the choices will range from highly liquid resistant, medical type of clogs designed to relax the feet, improve posture and relieve the lower back tension accumulated during the day due to intense walking and standing. These models are resistant to machine washes at high temperatures (yes there are!), and comply with the most strict standards. They are waterproof, breathable, anti-slip, anti-static, can be sterilized and are, of course, coupled with elegance and style to match your STYLEMONARCHY® uniforms. They will be available in various colors and shape to satisfy different needs. They are perfect for professionals in spas, medspas, beauty salons, pharmacies, labs, operation rooms, swimming pools, jacuzzis, thermal waters, operating rooms, dental clinics, hospitals, cosmetic & aesthetics clinics to name a few.  

STYLEMONARCHY Lea Mocasins professional shoesSTYLEMONARCHY Stella Clog Professional ShoesSTYLEMONARCHY Stella Clog Professional ShoesSTYLEMONARCHY Lea Mocasins Green Professional ShoesSTYLEMONARCHY Lea Mocasins Pink Professional Shoes

For those professionals who do not need waterproof shoes but need highly comfortable shoes that are elegant and fashionable to complement their STYLEMONARCHY® Uniforms, we will also offer beautiful, highly comfortable flats in various models that feature cushioned leather insoles.

These flats are NOT regular flats, they are designed to release the tension and fatigue of the feet accumulated during the day thanks to their cushioned insole. The leather used also enhances the evacuation of the heat built up during the day as opposed to manmade materials often used in shoes these days, therefore enhancing comfort.


STYLEMONARCHY Isabella Black Flat ShoesSTYLEMONARCHY Zoe Black Flat ShoesSTYLEMONARCHY Valentina Pink Flat ShoesSTYLEMONARCHY Valentina Green Flat Shoes

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