• STYLEMONARCHY Stella Black Professional Clog for Spas, Medical, Dental, Hotels, Salons
  • STYLEMONARCHY Stella Black Professional Clog for Spas, Medical, Dental, Hotels, Salons. Front & Back
  • STYLEMONARCHY Stella Black Professional Clog for Spas, Medical, Dental, Hotels, Salons. Profile image

Stella Professional Shoes Black for Spa, Welness, Dental, Nurse. Medical - STYLEMONARCHY




The Stella clog in Black is a Unisex occupational clog entirely made of polymeric materials footwear suitable for people who spend a great amount of time standing up or walking such as professionals in spas, hospitals, clinics, wellness centers, beauty salons, cosmetic centers, pharmacies, dental and medical & laboratories environments. They are also suitable to professionals in the hospitality like hotel kitchens and cleaning personnel. They combine technical and therapeutic features such as: impact absorption, leg muscular relaxation, temperature and moisture control, anatomic insole and reduction of static energy. 

The material used for the Stella Clog in black is a high-quality polymer material that provides odor control, inhibits bacterial and fungal growth and is non-toxic. 

The back strap can be removed for 2 different looks!


  • Breathable: Holes in the side and the lower part of the shoes allow air to circulate around the foot while walking, which helps to keep the feet comfortable and cool.
  • Anti Slip: the sole design is meant to help reduce the risk of slipping.
  • Washable at 80° C 176° F both the shoes and the insole, together or separately. They can be washed in regular washing machines.
  • Sterilization: The shoes can also be sterilized in an autoclave at up to at 124°C (255°F) ensuring guaranteed of hygiene standards. 
  • Antistatic: helps dissipate the electrical energy produced and built-in during use, overcoming the risk of potential static discharges.
  • Shock Absorption: the insole is specially designed to reduce micro-injuries of tendons, bones and joints. The anatomical design of the insole also provides a shock relax system that stimulates blood flow and provides greater comfort.
  • Relaxation: The  insole is designed with little balls that massage the foot plant the whole day, helping the circulation of blood and relaxing the feet.
  • Removable Insole: the insole can be removed from the shoes for easier and more frequent cleaning if needed. It is flexible, breathable and machine washable at 80° C 176° F like the shoes.
  • Upper Protection: the upper portion of the shoes protects the foot against liquid spillage.
  • Removable heel-strap: Stella can be wore both with the heel strap or without for 2 different looks.
  • 100% European shoe: The stella clog is made in Europe.
  • Lemont Scent - The shoes are infused with a soft fragance.
  • Unisex - Style fits males and females

 Technical Standards:

  • CE Directive 89/686/EEC.
  • EN ISO 20347:2012
  • SATRA TM 144:2011 Slip Resistance.
  • SATRA TM 158:1992 Washability — 90 °C.
  • Norma IEC 61340–4.3 — Class 1* — Electrostatics — Part 4–3: Standard test methods for specific applications — Footwear
  • Norma IEC 61340–5.1* — Electrostatics — Part 5–1: Protection of electronic devices from electrostatic phenomena — General requirements.

Care and Cleaning Wash:

Machine washable up to a maximum temperature of 90 °C. Can also be steam sterilized in autoclave up to 134 °C.

Dry: Wipe with a cloth or dry at room temperature.


The Stella clog resists to several sterilizations in autoclave, but durability might be impaired depending on sterilization parameters and number of cycles.

The Stella clog also resists to several washings at 90 °C in washing machine. It is not recommended the use of bleaching agents during washing machine cycles at 90 °C. The resistance of the Stella clog material to washing depends on several factors: • Type of detergent; • Concentration; • Cycles’ duration; • Temperature; • Physical stress during the cycles

Washable: 60° C - 140° F
Easy ironing
Tumble dry low heat
High-Quality Professional Fabric
High Comfort thanks to our stretchComfort fabric
Please refer to the caretag on the garment for more details.

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